Grendon, Warwickshire, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Albrighton, Elizabeth  Abt 1870Grendon, Warwickshire, England I9113
2 Albrighton, Rebecca  Abt 1850Grendon, Warwickshire, England I4415
3 Albrighton, Thomas  1828Grendon, Warwickshire, England I507
4 Blower, Sarah  Abt 1805Grendon, Warwickshire, England I10550
5 Chetwynd, Edward  Between 1 Jan 1840 and 31 Mar 1840Grendon, Warwickshire, England I16279
6 Chetwynd, Edward  Abt 1859Grendon, Warwickshire, England I16286
7 Chetwynd, Eleanor  11 Feb 1894Grendon, Warwickshire, England I16289
8 Chetwynd, Eli  Abt 1823Grendon, Warwickshire, England I16280
9 Chetwynd, Eli  25 Mar 1851Grendon, Warwickshire, England I16284
10 Chetwynd, Eliza  Between 1 Jul 1848 and 30 Sep 1848Grendon, Warwickshire, England I16283
11 Chetwynd, Elizabeth  Abt 1833Grendon, Warwickshire, England I4411
12 Chetwynd, John  Between 1 Jan 1842 and 31 Mar 1842Grendon, Warwickshire, England I16278
13 Chetwynd, Joseph  Abt 1854Grendon, Warwickshire, England I16285
14 Chetwynd, Sidney Edward  2 Apr 1897Grendon, Warwickshire, England I16290
15 Holland, Emma  Abt 1835Grendon, Warwickshire, England I16734
16 Holland, John  Abt 1804Grendon, Warwickshire, England I16731
17 Holland, William Chaplain  Abt 1794Grendon, Warwickshire, England I16748
18 Payne, Annie Maria  Between 1 Jan 1866 and 31 Mar 1866Grendon, Warwickshire, England I899
19 Rowley, Ann  Abt 1850Grendon, Warwickshire, England I10000
20 Turner, Catherine  Abt 1789Grendon, Warwickshire, England I8933
21 Turner, Elizabeth  Abt 1809Grendon, Warwickshire, England I4424
22 Turner, Hannah  Abt 1786Grendon, Warwickshire, England I8932
23 Turner, Louisa Jane  Abt 1811Grendon, Warwickshire, England I440
24 Turner, Samuel  Abt 1799Grendon, Warwickshire, England I8936
25 Turner, Sarah  Abt 1797Grendon, Warwickshire, England I8935
26 Turner, William  Abt 1791Grendon, Warwickshire, England I8934
27 Waters, Martha  1807Grendon, Warwickshire, England I502
28 Wilson, Hannah  Abt 1812Grendon, Warwickshire, England I901


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Chetwynd, Sidney Edward  2 May 1897Grendon, Warwickshire, England I16290
2 Turner, Catherine  26 May 1789Grendon, Warwickshire, England I8933
3 Turner, Hannah  17 Nov 1786Grendon, Warwickshire, England I8932
4 Turner, Louisa Jane  14 Mar 1811Grendon, Warwickshire, England I440
5 Turner, Samuel  23 Jun 1799Grendon, Warwickshire, England I8936
6 Turner, Sarah  5 Feb 1797Grendon, Warwickshire, England I8935
7 Turner, William  3 Oct 1791Grendon, Warwickshire, England I8934
8 Wilson, Hannah  2 Feb 1812Grendon, Warwickshire, England I901


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Chetwynd, Eli  1 Apr 1940Grendon, Warwickshire, England I16284
2 Lunn, John Joseph  25 May 1975Grendon, Warwickshire, England I17241
3 Ozierbrook, Ann  24 Dec 1850Grendon, Warwickshire, England I19024
4 Turner, Hercules  1835Grendon, Warwickshire, England I7258


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Blower, Sarah  1861Grendon, Warwickshire, England I10550
2 Smith, Susannah  1911Grendon, Warwickshire, England I16281


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Albrighton, William  1841Grendon, Warwickshire, England I10551
2 Chetwynd, Edward  1841Grendon, Warwickshire, England I10549
3 Chetwynd, Edward  1861Grendon, Warwickshire, England I16279
4 Chetwynd, Eleanor  1911Grendon, Warwickshire, England I16289
5 Chetwynd, Eli  1851Grendon, Warwickshire, England I16280
6 Chetwynd, Eli  1861Grendon, Warwickshire, England I16280
7 Chetwynd, Eli  1861Grendon, Warwickshire, England I16284
8 Chetwynd, Eli  1881Grendon, Warwickshire, England I16280
9 Chetwynd, Eli  1891Grendon, Warwickshire, England I16280
10 Chetwynd, Eli  1891Grendon, Warwickshire, England I16284
11 Chetwynd, Eli  1911Grendon, Warwickshire, England I16284
12 Chetwynd, Eli  1939Grendon, Warwickshire, England I16284
13 Chetwynd, John  1861Grendon, Warwickshire, England I16278
14 Chetwynd, Sidney Edward  1911Grendon, Warwickshire, England I16290
15 Chetwynd, Sidney Edward  1939Grendon, Warwickshire, England I16290
16 Holland, William  1841Grendon, Warwickshire, England I16740


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Albrighton / Chetwynd  12 Aug 1850Grendon, Warwickshire, England F1299
2 Chetwynd / Blower  18 Aug 1822Grendon, Warwickshire, England F3588
3 Chetwynd / Smith  3 Sep 1843Grendon, Warwickshire, England F5844
4 Lakin / Waters  14 Nov 1835Grendon, Warwickshire, England F167
5 Quimby / Boneham  27 Nov 1851Grendon, Warwickshire, England F6695