Croydon, Surrey, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Amer, Catherine  16 Mar 1805Croydon, Surrey, England I17014
2 Amer, Elisabeth  5 Mar 1803Croydon, Surrey, England I17013
3 Amer, Harriet  Dec 1800Croydon, Surrey, England I17009
4 Amer, Mary  2 May 1798Croydon, Surrey, England I17015
5 Amer, Sarah  2 Jun 1796Croydon, Surrey, England I17012
6 Benney, Christiana  Between 1 Jul 1866 and 30 Sep 1866Croydon, Surrey, England I4584
7 Benney, Henry  Abt 1869Croydon, Surrey, England I4592
8 Benney, James  Abt 1865Croydon, Surrey, England I9548
9 Froud, Albert  1922Croydon, Surrey, England I2999
10 Froud, Ernest Edward  28 Mar 1917Croydon, Surrey, England I2997
11 Froud, May Edith  1919Croydon, Surrey, England I2998
12 Garner, Priscilla Maria  21 Oct 1860Croydon, Surrey, England I9551
13 Green, Ann  Abt 1848Croydon, Surrey, England I780
14 Harrison, William  Abt 1888Croydon, Surrey, England I12503
15 Quin, Muriel  Abt 1910Croydon, Surrey, England I11243
16 Saunders, Jane  Abt 1834Croydon, Surrey, England I4647
17 Saunders, Samuel  10 Aug 1782Croydon, Surrey, England I3889
18 Smith, Brian Maurice  Abt 1910Croydon, Surrey, England I14870
19 Smith, Phyllis Joyce Vaughan  Abt 1909Croydon, Surrey, England I14869
20 Sumpter, Alice  Abt 1882Croydon, Surrey, England I17147
21 Unknown, Mary  Abt 1804Croydon, Surrey, England I6911
22 Vigers, Edith  21 May 1856Croydon, Surrey, England I13285
23 Wroth, Archibald Stewert  28 Dec 1904Croydon, Surrey, England I17084
24 Wroth, Dorothy Ada  16 Jul 1908Croydon, Surrey, England I17085
25 Wyatt, Clement Jesse  8 May 1894Croydon, Surrey, England I19950
26 Yetts, Andrew Muskett  25 Mar 1878Croydon, Surrey, England I8523
27 Yetts, Edwin Marsh  17 Mar 1884Croydon, Surrey, England I8524
28 Yetts, Gertrude  19 Aug 1869Croydon, Surrey, England I8521
29 Yetts, Louisa Muskett  4 Dec 1872Croydon, Surrey, England I8522


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Amer, Harriet  25 Jan 1801Croydon, Surrey, England I17009
2 Garner, Priscilla Maria  18 Nov 1860Croydon, Surrey, England I9551
3 Yetts, Andrew Muskett  20 Apr 1878Croydon, Surrey, England I8523
4 Yetts, Edwin Marsh  12 Apr 1884Croydon, Surrey, England I8524
5 Yetts, Louisa Muskett  21 Jun 1873Croydon, Surrey, England I8522


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bell, Benjamin  1752Croydon, Surrey, England I13941
2 Bell, Sarah  24 Apr 1790Croydon, Surrey, England I13938
3 Clive, Edward Bolton  22 Jul 1845Croydon, Surrey, England I10119
4 Crafton, Richard  7 Jun 1788Croydon, Surrey, England I13937
5 Fletcher, Flitcroft  19 Jun 1886Croydon, Surrey, England I18136
6 Froud, Alfred John  22 Mar 1935Croydon, Surrey, England I410
7 Holland, Edith Clara  3 Jul 1952Croydon, Surrey, England I17176
8 Lucas, Elizabeth Petipher  5 Apr 1894Croydon, Surrey, England I13919
9 Marsh, Emily Muskett  20 Feb 1935Croydon, Surrey, England I8520
10 Philpot, Rev. Joseph Charles M.A.  9 Dec 1869Croydon, Surrey, England I10214
11 Procter, Rebecca Elizabeth  24 Jun 1850Croydon, Surrey, England I3890
12 Ruddick, Henry William  28 Feb 1934Croydon, Surrey, England I15974
13 Turner, May Mary Jane  Between 1 Jan and 31 Mar 1962Croydon, Surrey, England I2993
14 Wragg, Mercy  3 Jun 1774Croydon, Surrey, England I13942


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Froud, Alfred John  26 Mar 1935Croydon, Surrey, England I410
2 Procter, Rebecca Elizabeth  28 Jun 1850Croydon, Surrey, England I3890
3 Saunders, Samuel  9 Oct 1854Croydon, Surrey, England I3889
4 Turner, May Mary Jane  Croydon, Surrey, England I2993


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Holland, Edith Clara  1939Croydon, Surrey, England I17176
2 Keal, Sarah Louisa  1871Croydon, Surrey, England I13400
3 Saunders, Samuel  1851Croydon, Surrey, England I3889


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Education    Person ID 
1 Philpot, Dr. Joseph Henry MBE MD  1871Croydon, Surrey, England I10187


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Allder, Herbert Ernest  1901Croydon, Surrey, England I9199
2 Allder, Herbert Ernest  1911Croydon, Surrey, England I9199
3 Andrews, Christopher John  1939Croydon, Surrey, England I8435
4 Arnold, Robert  1861Croydon, Surrey, England I1080
5 Ashby, Charles  1871Croydon, Surrey, England I14150
6 Earnshaw, John  1901Croydon, Surrey, England I19932
7 Froud, Alfred John  1921Croydon, Surrey, England I410
8 Froud, Ernest Edward  1939Croydon, Surrey, England I2997
9 Froud, Frederick Harold  1939Croydon, Surrey, England I2996
10 Froud, Laura Louise  1921Croydon, Surrey, England I2994
11 Froud, William Alfred  1939Croydon, Surrey, England I2995
12 Linfoot, Arthur William  1901Croydon, Surrey, England I10399
13 Linfoot, Arthur William  1911Croydon, Surrey, England I10399
14 Manfield, Mitchell Robert  1881Croydon, Surrey, England I1356
15 Manfield, Mitchell Robert  1901Croydon, Surrey, England I1356
16 Melhuish, George Oliver  1911Croydon, Surrey, England I17086
17 Needham, Joseph  1871Croydon, Surrey, England I10216
18 Procter, Rebecca Elizabeth  1841Croydon, Surrey, England I3890
19 Saunders, Jane  1851Croydon, Surrey, England I4647
20 Saunders, Samuel  1841Croydon, Surrey, England I3889
21 Smith, Sidney Thomas  1901Croydon, Surrey, England I14864
22 Smith, Sidney Thomas  1911Croydon, Surrey, England I14864
23 Steadman, Alfred  1891Croydon, Surrey, England I8081
24 Wilson, Elizabeth  1861Croydon, Surrey, England I4591
25 Wroth, David Henry  1911Croydon, Surrey, England I17068
26 Wyatt, Clement Jesse  1911Croydon, Surrey, England I19950
27 Yetts, Andrew Muskett  1901Croydon, Surrey, England I8523
28 Yetts, Andrew Muskett  1911Croydon, Surrey, England I8523
29 Yetts, Edwin Marsh  1901Croydon, Surrey, England I8524
30 Yetts, Henry Muskett  1891Croydon, Surrey, England I4082
31 Yetts, Henry Muskett  1901Croydon, Surrey, England I4082
32 Yetts, Henry Muskett  1911Croydon, Surrey, England I4082


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Allder / Yetts  17 Jan 1895Croydon, Surrey, England F2915
2 Titcombe / Hogsflesh  2 Dec 1917Croydon, Surrey, England F1012