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All Hallows Church, South Cerney, Gloucestershire
All Hallows Church, South Cerney, Gloucestershire
  3 Dec 2020

Dulce Dickinson circa 1898 
  2 Dec 2020
Christmas card from Aunt Dulce
Christmas card from Aunt Dulce
Dulce Dickinson was a great genealogist. In the late '40s she gave a handwritten book of the history of the Dickinson / Lean families to her nephew, Michael Dickinson Lean. This was an unbelievable help to me in my research and, although some of it was wrong, it was incredible how much correct information she got in the days before the internet etc. I, obviously, never met her but she has a special place in my heart! 
  2 Dec 2020

Blue plaque in Rustington for Sir Hubert Parry. Taken from Wikimedia (see below). 
  27 Nov 2020

Mum with her (favourite) uncle, George. He was killed in France on 7th. August 1944 and I'm adding this on the 11th. November 2020. I was thinking of him at 11 o'clock this morning. 
  11 Nov 2020

Alfred Collins photographed in 1915. Killed in France on 26 April 1917. I added this (and the following one) on 11th. November 2020. I was thinking of him at 11 o'clock this morning. 
  11 Nov 2020

Alfred Collins taken in 1916 
  11 Nov 2020

Loelia Ponsonby's book of photographic memories. A fascinating glimpse into the lives of the privileged. Pictured with (among many others) Errol Flynn and Ian Fleming (in fact, James Bond's secretary, in the books, was named Loelia Ponsonby!) 
  12 Oct 2020

Postcard from William Henry Smith to Harry Valentine Smith.
The Orama was built in England in 1924 and her inaugural voyage was London to Brisbane. She was converted to a troop ship in 1940 and sunk on 8th. June 1940 with the loss of 19 dead and 280 taken prisoner. 
  8 Oct 2020

A postcard sent from William Henry Smith to his half(?) nephew Harry Valentine Smith. 
  8 Oct 2020


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First Day Cover. 3.5p stamp shows the first motor fire engine, built by Merryweather & sons (founded by Moses Merryweather and joined by his son Richard). 
  1 Dec 2020

Sarah Ponsonby, one of the famous "Ladies of Llangollen". An early example of Gay Lib? 
  16 Nov 2020

Sheet music (dated 1905) larger than A4 so not the complete cover. Is autographed by Frank Lambert, sadly not by Eustace! 
  8 Nov 2020

Sheet music published by Chappell & Co. The cover is larger than A4 so is severely truncated. 
  8 Nov 2020

A letter from Muriel Bromley-Davenport to Violet Hobbs regarding Violet's husband Fred. 
  27 Oct 2020


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Smith gravestone in Staines Cemetery 
Staines Cemetery     17 Nov 2020

Gravestone of Susy Stanley Adams nee Hugo 
St. Leonard's Churchyard     27 Oct 2020

Gravestone of William Stanley Adams 
St. Leonard's Churchyard     27 Oct 2020
Gravestone of Lancelot Colvile
Gravestone of Lancelot Colvile
North Front Cemetery     24 Oct 2020
Gravestone of George and Emily Stannett
Gravestone of George and Emily Stannett
St. John the Baptist Churchyard,     22 Oct 2020
Headstone of Christine Fox nee Stannett
Headstone of Christine Fox nee Stannett
St. John the Baptist Churchyard,     22 Oct 2020


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Lister, Isabella Sophia 
b. 24 Jul 1823  Paradise Row, Stoke Newington, Middlesex, England  4 Dec 2020
West, Elsie Mary 
b. 6 Nov 1900  Stedham, SSX  4 Dec 2020
Gilbert, Cecil Ernest Walter 
b. 24 Apr 1899  Minsted, Sussex, England  4 Dec 2020
Slater, Muriel Violet 
b. 15 Jul 1895  Enfield, , Middlesex, England  3 Dec 2020
Castle, Gertrude Lydia 
b. 3 Dec 1874  Hertford, HRT  3 Dec 2020
Slater, Marjorie Joan 
b. 30 Apr 1906  Ware, Hertfordshire, England  3 Dec 2020
Slater, Joseph William 
b. 10 May 1867  Enfield Lock, MDX  3 Dec 2020
Dickinson, Dulce 
b. 4 Sep 1882  Stoneycroft, Eshe Rd. Blundellsands, Liverpool, LAN  2 Dec 2020
Dickinson, Myra 
b. 6 Oct 1875  Liverpool, LAN  2 Dec 2020
Dickinson, John Edward 
b. 11 Oct 1839  Liverpool, LAN  2 Dec 2020
Charsley, John 
b. Abt 1786  Buckinghamshire, England  1 Dec 2020
Smith, Elizabeth 
b. Unknown   1 Dec 2020
Charsley, William 
b. Unknown   1 Dec 2020
Charsley, Fanny Kenyon 
b. 22 Apr 1819  Paddington, MDX  1 Dec 2020
Charsley, Frederick 
b. Abt 1821  Beaconsfield, BKM  1 Dec 2020

 ID   Father ID   Father's Name   Mother ID   Mother's Name   Married   Last Modified 
 I1749  Cecil Ernest Walter Gilbert  I1737  Elsie Mary West  4 Dec 1926  4 Dec 2020
 I17847  Joseph William Slater  I17848  Gertrude Lydia Castle  19 Jan 1895  3 Dec 2020
 I7625  William Charsley  I7627  Elizabeth Smith  31 Jan 1817  1 Dec 2020
 I7626  John Charsley        1 Dec 2020
 I7623  Frederick Charsley  I7624  Fanny Kenyon Charsley  5 Jul 1849  1 Dec 2020
 I11972  Maj. Gen. Sir John Ponsonby, K.C.B., D.M.G., D.S.O.  I11973  Mary Robley  21 Dec 1935  26 Nov 2020
 I7621  Moses Merryweather  I7622  Sarah Edwards Taylor  10 Sep 1836  24 Nov 2020
 I11757  Sir John Blundell Maple, Bt.  I11758  Lady Emily Harriet Merryweather  15 Oct 1874  24 Nov 2020
 I7489  Edward Starling  I13040  Harriet Weigall  26 Jun 1830  23 Nov 2020
 I2573  Henry Barter  I2574  Emily Wilkins  Between 1 Apr and 30 Jun 1859  21 Nov 2020
 I6825  Charles Fountain        20 Nov 2020
 I4969  Thomas Bradford  I4971  Elizabeth Fountain  7 Jan 1860  20 Nov 2020
 I8530  James Thomas Linnell  I4081  Elizabeth Muskett Yetts  30 Aug 1860  18 Nov 2020
 I11016  Major-General Sir William Ponsonby, KCB  I11022  Hon. Georgiana Fitzroy  20 Jan 1807  16 Nov 2020
 I6743  Evelyn Pierrepoint, KG, PC, 1st. Duke of Kingston-upon-Hull  I6824  Lady Isabella Bentinck  1714  16 Nov 2020