Windlesham, Surrey, England



Latitude: 51.3646011111111, Longitude: -0.6584


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Batchelor, Ann  Abt 1768Windlesham, Surrey, England I15950
2 Batchelor, Eliza Elizabeth  Between 1 Apr 1861 and 30 Jun 1861Windlesham, Surrey, England I16156
3 Batchelor, Elizabeth  Abt 1771Windlesham, Surrey, England I15947
4 Batchelor, Elizabeth  Abt 1822Windlesham, Surrey, England I1125
5 Batchelor, Frances  Abt 1858Windlesham, Surrey, England I16157
6 Batchelor, George  Abt 1830Windlesham, Surrey, England I7613
7 Batchelor, Hannah  Abt 1781Windlesham, Surrey, England I15951
8 Batchelor, James  Abt 1835Windlesham, Surrey, England I7616
9 Batchelor, Jane  Abt 1783Windlesham, Surrey, England I15945
10 Batchelor, John  Abt 1774Windlesham, Surrey, England I15953
11 Batchelor, John  Abt 1826Windlesham, Surrey, England I7615
12 Batchelor, Mary  Abt 1770Windlesham, Surrey, England I15948
13 Batchelor, Mercy  Abt 1780Windlesham, Surrey, England I15944
14 Batchelor, Richard  Abt 1785Windlesham, Surrey, England I15946
15 Batchelor, Sarah  Abt 1778Windlesham, Surrey, England I15952
16 Batchelor, Sarah Jane  Between 1 Jan 1870 and 31 Mar 1870Windlesham, Surrey, England I16158
17 Batchelor, Stephen  Abt 1776Windlesham, Surrey, England I15943
18 Batchelor, William  Abt 1788Windlesham, Surrey, England I15949
19 Drew, Alice Sarah  1879Windlesham, Surrey, England I1152
20 Drew, Arthur  1877Windlesham, Surrey, England I1151
21 Drew, Daisy  1889Windlesham, Surrey, England I1116
22 Drew, Daniel  1894Windlesham, Surrey, England I1001
23 Drew, Edith Jane  1876Windlesham, Surrey, England I1150
24 Drew, Edwin James  1875Windlesham, Surrey, England I1149
25 Drew, Elizabeth  31 Jul 1892Windlesham, Surrey, England I437
26 Drew, Ellen  1891Windlesham, Surrey, England I1000
27 Drew, Emma Elizabeth  1853Windlesham, Surrey, England I1136
28 Drew, Florence  1888Windlesham, Surrey, England I999
29 Drew, Frederick  1849Windlesham, Surrey, England I1130
30 Drew, Frederick  1886Windlesham, Surrey, England I998
31 Drew, George  1845Windlesham, Surrey, England I1128
32 Drew, George  1884Windlesham, Surrey, England I997
33 Drew, James  1851Windlesham, Surrey, England I438
34 Drew, Jane Ann  1843Windlesham, Surrey, England I1127
35 Drew, Lucy Julia  1858Windlesham, Surrey, England I1133
36 Drew, Mary  1854Windlesham, Surrey, England I1131
37 Drew, Phoebe  1861Windlesham, Surrey, England I1135
38 Drew, Rhoda Anna  1860Windlesham, Surrey, England I1134
39 Drew, Robert Charles  1857Windlesham, Surrey, England I1132
40 Drew, Thomas  22 Oct 1882Windlesham, Surrey, England I996
41 Drew, William  1848Windlesham, Surrey, England I1129
42 Froud, Daniel Jonathan  1846Windlesham, Surrey, England I2714
43 Froud, Ellen Rose  1864Windlesham, Surrey, England I2474
44 Froud, Emily  1853Windlesham, Surrey, England I2713
45 Froud, Henry  18 Mar 1862Windlesham, Surrey, England I2469
46 Froud, Rose Emma  1864Windlesham, Surrey, England I2473
47 Froud, William Edward  Abt 1843Windlesham, Surrey, England I2712
48 Herring, Doris Evelyn  28 Nov 1893Windlesham, Surrey, England I1746
49 Higgs, Ada E.  Abt 1875Windlesham, Surrey, England I1145
50 Higgs, Albert Walter  1878Windlesham, Surrey, England I1205

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Drew, Alice Sarah  5 Oct 1879Windlesham, Surrey, England I1152
2 Drew, Arthur  25 Dec 1877Windlesham, Surrey, England I1151
3 Drew, Edith Jane  5 Nov 1876Windlesham, Surrey, England I1150
4 Drew, Edwin James  6 Jun 1875Windlesham, Surrey, England I1149
5 Froud, Emily  29 May 1853Windlesham, Surrey, England I2713
6 Froud, George William  30 Jul 1843Windlesham, Surrey, England I2711
7 Froud, Henry  20 Apr 1862Windlesham, Surrey, England I2469
8 Froud, William Edward  30 Jul 1843Windlesham, Surrey, England I2712
9 Robinson, Martin Alexander  19 Feb 1806Windlesham, Surrey, England I15010
10 Rose, Thomas  27 Aug 1843Windlesham, Surrey, England I5852


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Batchelor, Elizabeth  18 Jan 1894Windlesham, Surrey, England I1125
2 Batchelor, James  Jan 1833Windlesham, Surrey, England I7611
3 Batchelor, John  1811Windlesham, Surrey, England I15935
4 Crouch, Prudence  2 Jan 1887Windlesham, Surrey, England I2466
5 Drew, Daisy  1893Windlesham, Surrey, England I1116
6 Drew, Henry  1863Windlesham, Surrey, England I1124
7 Drew, James  26 Feb 1916Windlesham, Surrey, England I438
8 Drew, Jane Ann  Feb 1929Windlesham, Surrey, England I1127
9 Drew, Phoebe  1863Windlesham, Surrey, England I1135
10 Drew, Rhoda Anna  3 Dec 1904Windlesham, Surrey, England I1134
11 Drew, Robert Charles  1858Windlesham, Surrey, England I1132
12 Froud, Ellen Rose  Feb 1865Windlesham, Surrey, England I2474
13 Froud, Rose Emma  Feb 1865Windlesham, Surrey, England I2473
14 Froud, William  29 Mar 1887Windlesham, Surrey, England I881
15 Godfrey, Mary  2? Mar 1872Windlesham, Surrey, England I1142
16 Higgs, Abraham  1872Windlesham, Surrey, England I2084
17 Higgs, Rhoda Ann  1891Windlesham, Surrey, England I1202
18 Higgs, William  Jan 1924Windlesham, Surrey, England I1193
19 Knight, Martha  1880Windlesham, Surrey, England I1148
20 Large, Daniel  Apr 1900Windlesham, Surrey, England I1002
21 Large, Dinah  Jan 1922Windlesham, Surrey, England I995
22 Large, John Edward  Jan 1928Windlesham, Surrey, England I1004
23 Large, Joseph  1854Windlesham, Surrey, England I1117
24 Large, Samuel  Oct 1892Windlesham, Surrey, England I1005
25 Lewry, James  Jan 1871Windlesham, Surrey, England I1118
26 Perrin, George  Apr 1843Windlesham, Surrey, England I16909
27 Perrin, William  Mar 1843Windlesham, Surrey, England I16910
28 Philps, Ann  Jun 1825Windlesham, Surrey, England I15936
29 Rose, Edith Amelia  28 Oct 1888Windlesham, Surrey, England I1207
30 Rose, Edward  16 Dec 1944Windlesham, Surrey, England I1139
31 Rose, Millicent Amy  8 Jan 1900Windlesham, Surrey, England I1213
32 Unknown, Jane  1862Windlesham, Surrey, England I1163


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Knight, Martha  26 Apr 1880Windlesham, Surrey, England I1148
2 Large, Joseph  28 Feb 1854Windlesham, Surrey, England I1117
3 Unknown, Jane  22 Feb 1862Windlesham, Surrey, England I1163


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Drew, Arthur  1881Windlesham, Surrey, England I1151
2 Drew, Edith Jane  1881Windlesham, Surrey, England I1150
3 Drew, Elizabeth  1911Windlesham, Surrey, England I437
4 Froud, Georgina  1871Windlesham, Surrey, England I2716
5 Higgs, William George  1871Windlesham, Surrey, England I1198


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military    Person ID 
1 Curtis, Frederick George  1910Windlesham, Surrey, England I435


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Batchelor, James  1851Windlesham, Surrey, England I7616
2 Batchelor, John  1851Windlesham, Surrey, England I7615
3 Batchelor, John  1861Windlesham, Surrey, England I7615
4 Batchelor, John  1891Windlesham, Surrey, England I7615
5 Batchelor, William  1841Windlesham, Surrey, England I7614
6 Brooker, William  1841Windlesham, Surrey, England I2482
7 Drew, Daniel  1911Windlesham, Surrey, England I1001
8 Drew, Daniel  1915Windlesham, Surrey, England I1001
9 Drew, Frederick  1873Windlesham, Surrey, England I1130
10 Drew, Frederick  1901Windlesham, Surrey, England I998
11 Drew, Frederick  1911Windlesham, Surrey, England I998
12 Drew, Frederick  1917Windlesham, Surrey, England I998
13 Drew, George  1861Windlesham, Surrey, England I1128
14 Drew, Henry  1851Windlesham, Surrey, England I1124
15 Drew, Henry  1861Windlesham, Surrey, England I1124
16 Drew, James  1871Windlesham, Surrey, England I438
17 Drew, James  1881-1901Windlesham, Surrey, England I438
18 Drew, James  1911Windlesham, Surrey, England I438
19 Drew, Rhoda Anna  1871Windlesham, Surrey, England I1134
20 Drew, Thomas  1901Windlesham, Surrey, England I996
21 Drew, Thomas  1911Windlesham, Surrey, England I996
22 Drew, William  1861Windlesham, Surrey, England I1129
23 Froud, Henry  1861Windlesham, Surrey, England I2467
24 Froud, William  1851Windlesham, Surrey, England I881
25 Froud, William  1861Windlesham, Surrey, England I881
26 Froud, William  1871Windlesham, Surrey, England I881
27 Froud, William  1881Windlesham, Surrey, England I881
28 Godfrey, William Henry  1823Windlesham, Surrey, England I1235
29 Herring, Stephen  1871Windlesham, Surrey, England I8998
30 Herring, Stephen  1881Windlesham, Surrey, England I8998
31 Herring, William  1901Windlesham, Surrey, England I8996
32 Higgs, Abraham  1841Windlesham, Surrey, England I2084
33 Higgs, Abraham  1851Windlesham, Surrey, England I2084
34 Higgs, Abraham  1861Windlesham, Surrey, England I2084
35 Higgs, Abraham  1865Windlesham, Surrey, England I2084
36 Higgs, Abraham  1871Windlesham, Surrey, England I2084
37 Higgs, Arthur George W.  1911Windlesham, Surrey, England I1194
38 Higgs, Edward  1881-1901Windlesham, Surrey, England I1144
39 Higgs, Mary Ann  1861Windlesham, Surrey, England I5718
40 Higgs, William  1861Windlesham, Surrey, England I1193
41 Higgs, William  1865Windlesham, Surrey, England I1193
42 Higgs, William  1881-1901Windlesham, Surrey, England I1193
43 Higgs, William George  1881Windlesham, Surrey, England I1198
44 Higgs, William George  1901Windlesham, Surrey, England I1198
45 Hizzey, Frederick William  1911Windlesham, Surrey, England I16143
46 Hizzey, Matthew  1861Windlesham, Surrey, England I15939
47 Hizzey, Matthew  1881Windlesham, Surrey, England I15939
48 Hizzey, Matthew  1891Windlesham, Surrey, England I15939
49 Hizzey, Matthew  1891Windlesham, Surrey, England I15941
50 Hizzey, Matthew  1901Windlesham, Surrey, England I15939

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 / Lewry  1846Windlesham, Surrey, England F369
2 Curtis / Drew  24 Dec 1910Windlesham, Surrey, England F151
3 Drew / Richards  1 Nov 1873Windlesham, Surrey, England F360
4 Field / Collins  2 Feb 1833Windlesham, Surrey, England F5951
5 Froud / Crouch  26 Dec 1837Windlesham, Surrey, England F779
6 Froud / Taylor  16 Mar 1861Windlesham, Surrey, England F780
7 Godfrey / Godfrey  6 Feb 1823Windlesham, Surrey, England F393
8 Higgs / Drew  9 Dec 1865Windlesham, Surrey, England F362
9 Knight / Drew  1878Windlesham, Surrey, England F702
10 Large / Lewry  6 Jan 1849Windlesham, Surrey, England F320
11 Lewry / Eales  6 Dec 1821Windlesham, Surrey, England F358
12 Robinson / Baker  9 Oct 1828Windlesham, Surrey, England F5358
13 Rose / Drew  8 Dec 1878Windlesham, Surrey, England F364
14 Trickey / Large  1877Windlesham, Surrey, England F365
15 West / Herring  23 Sep 1922Windlesham, Surrey, England F553